Fall Books for Kids

Fall Books for Kids

Join My Lost Book Bag as we encourage all ages to be life long learners through reading. We believe in gaining new knowledge from a variety of opportunities and sharing those experiences with others. This kindergarten teacher and grandma is dedicated to making love of story a characteristic all readers embrace.

Fall is a great time of year to cuddle up with your little one and share a favorite book. Why not learn about the changing of the seasons while enjoying a fun story! Jumping in the leaves, campfires, visiting a pumpkin patch and sipping apple cider are Check out some of these classics as well as new books that are sure to encourage interest in this cool down season.

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The Roll Away Pumpkin

This whimsical story will have your little one curious to watch Marla as she chases her roll away pumpkin that rolls all around town. The repeated rhyme gives readers a sense of story pattern. I love stories that repeat a line and encourage the story listener to join in with the familiar words from page to page.

The Berenstain Bears Harvest Festival

The Chapel in the Woods is the perfect spot for the Bear Country Harvest Festival. The images of autumn in this lovely story of blessings and gratefulness teach valuable lessons as do all the Berenstain Bears books. I love the correlation to our own autumn traditions that we find in Harvest Festival. Check out other books that explore the life journey of the bear family.

Apples and Pumpkins

This sweet story takes me back to many fall days of activities with apples and pumpkins with may own children and my kindergarten classes of days gone by. I can see the smiles and hear the giggles of picking apples and selecting the just right pumpkin that became the front step greeter on our own porch. Thinking of carving the perfect pumpkin with our family makes me want to share this book with my grandchildren and see the next generation enjoy fall. The simple font makes the text easy for beginning readers.

Counting on Fall

Add Counting on Fall to your math and science collection in your classroom during the autumn season. This first title in the Math and Nature series is a picture book with concepts of pattern, number and shapes. Match the season with counting and watch kids delight with the colorful images of the season.

Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn

Take a walk during the start of the fall season with your little one. It could be through your town, the park, or even your back yard. As in the sequence of the this book, look for ways summer is leaving and autumn is knocking on our calendar door. A great read to begin the cool down time of year.

Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf

This book is especially useful to read just before an art project of your choice with fall leaves. The colors here pop out and get every child excited to paint or color the rich leaves of fall.

Leaf Man

Watch leaf man travel among various animals and landscapes during the fall breeze. Vibrant colors make this fall book one to read over and over.

Too Many Pumpkins

Why does Rebecca not like pumpkins? Find out when you read this book to your little ones. The answer may surprise you both. A great resource when learning about gardening for young children. Sometimes the thing we dislike, brings happiness to others.

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