Celebrating our Childhood Friend Barbie

Celebrating our Childhood Friend Barbie

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March 9th, 1959 Barbie was introduced to the world at the American International Toy Show. Today we celebrate March 9th as Barbie Day and I don't know about you but as a little girl if I didn't have a book in my hand I was playing with anything that allowed my imagination to run wild and Barbie allowed me to do that.  

Ruth Handler adapted a German doll and created Barbie named after one of her daughters and shared her with the world. Over the years she has changed and evolved with all of our imaginations.

I was the only girl in my family for a very long time. There were boys everywhere but I was 10 until another little girl was born anywhere in my family and my grandmother may have spoiled me with little dresses and toys for many years. So I had lots of My Little Pony, Strawberry Shortcake and Barbies. As a matter of fact I still have almost all of it stored away. Being a boy mom only I have decided I'll keep them and someday hopefully spoil my own granddaughter with them. 

As we all know Barbie can be anything we can dream her to be. We all lived our dreams out with her so it's only right there is a national day just to celebrate her.  So let's get started because today I'm sharing with you a few of my very favorite books, crafts and fun things you can share with your Barbie loving little's!


While there really is no such thing as a bad Barbie book I wanted to share a few of my favorites I recently shared with my great niece who is just starting to get into Barbie.

Barbie in the Pink Shoes  - This book was made to go along with the movie from 2013 but what little girl doesn't love Barbie as a ballerina.

Barbie in a Mermaid Tale

Barbie's Fairy Tale Collection - I love this book and it's an early reader! Telling some of our favorite fairy tales with Barbie as the main character makes it a perfect book to add to your home library. 

Happy Birthday, Barbie 

Barbie Sisters Mystery Club - The Beach Bandit - This book is a great read for your older Barbie Fans ages 6 to 9 and is a great new chapter book series. Barbie and her sisters are solving mysteries up and down the beach. 


We don't all have Barbies Budget so I love the idea of some of this homemade Barbie accessories! 

Like this super cute Barbie Suitcase!

Photo Credit: Babydollzone1.com

Photo Credit: Babydollzone1.com

Kimbo from A Girl and her Glue Gun shared a great tutorial for this super cute Barbie Tent. You have to check it out! 

How cute and simple is this Barbie Sleeping Bag from Skip to my Lou?  

My Favorite? This awesome Farmhouse Table from Inside The Barbie Craft Room.  I'd like one of these in my own house!

Printable Mini Shoe Boxes and Newspaper - Barbiecollectors.thelittleusedstore.com has some of the best free mini printables. 

Being Creative with Lena put together this great video tutorial for a Barbie Washer and Dryer Set. Take a look! 


Barbie Printable Coloring Pages - Free coloring pages you can print from home.

Barbie Party Printable Banner - Want to have a little Barbie party on a whim? Print this sweet banner out to add a touch of decor.

Barbie Fashion Plates - These fashion plates were something I used to love. I couldn't draw but I could still design a fun outfit with this kit. 

Barbie Kite -  There is something simple but super fun about a kite. A Barbie Kite....Even Better!

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