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As a little girl I loved to read. Reading always took me away from my crazy life and took me to a place of magic and wonder. My imagination and my books brought me comfort. To this day if I'm in a book store I will pick up a children's book and just flip through the pages to look at the artwork. 

By fourth and fifth grade I would tuck in for hours and read an entire book and if I had the next one in the series ready to go you better believe I was going to open it up as well. 

When I turned 16 and could drive the local library and book store clerks knew me by name. There is something about walking into a room full of books that just makes my heart happy still to this day.

I frequent thrift shops in search of books from my childhood that I share with one of my nieces. Much like I was at her age she can get lost in the pages of a book and I love sharing with her my favorites. I do not pass up a Baby Sitters Club book and have a few Sweet Valley High books tucked in a closet for when she gets a little older.  I'm guilty of sending her Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and a Hershey bar to make reading it a sweeter memory. Pippy Longstocking doesn't stay on a thrift store shelf if I come across her and I hope that someday she will look back on her books with as much love as I do. 

I also hope to bring that to you and your family through this blog.  I will be sharing books with you that I hope your children will cherish, that may help them through a difficult time or may just send their imagination soaring. 

I hope you will join us both here and on our YouTube channel for weekly posts and videos.